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Robbie ⓥ🌹

Things I would buy if they existed: DuckTape QuietRip™: because sometimes you need to do some Engineering in a room that someone's asleep in

Rollins won the popular vote because this is what her district wants: a solution to the problem. The complaint is a last-ditch effort in bad faith to overrule democracy. But maybe sign anyway because why risk it?

They're towing the Amazon treasure truck today is great

this PR authored by: frozen "it's my party and I'll malloc if I wanna" cemetery

This is of course the best possible day for the heat to be out

"Pundits spend a lot of time saying “This is not normal,” but the only way for us to survive, day to day, is to normalize the events, the threats, the barrage of information, the costs, the expectations of us."

Why couldn't we have merged all the bin and sbin instead of all this shit with /usr that helps no one

Today it has been a full week since I last heard Christmas music so I'd say 2019 is off to a good start

everything happens so much --a wise being

Supremely irritated by this for so many reasons but... it wasn't enough to steal the term "crypto"; they want "kinit" too.

have added the word "bipartisan" to filtered and am looking forward to a cleansed timeline

Questions which are surprisingly hard to answer: which bugtracker is the biggest?

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Reminder: my thoughts on the IBM acquisition are simple: it's bad, they have no idea what they are doing, and I'm not proud to work here anymore, and the only company who would have been a better fit for buying us is "literally no one", so please stop asking me. Thanks.

While I'm a Firefox user and Google bothers me too, this is a bit rich when the most visible changes Firefox has had recently have destroyed the addon ecosystem, and their mobile performance is *still trash*

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"Any holiday can be Halloween if you want it" -- me, explaining my cherry pie