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WizardRobo @senpai@scream.cloud

Who’s ready for day 10 of being sick and also having no days off since being sick? Not me, but here I goooo~

The robo-spam is finally paying off!

I got T-Bones to be a Pokestop!

These simple tricks can help you save money on energy bills this winter:

Wear warmer clothes!

Bundle up under those blankets!

Have a 103+ degree fever three days fuckin straight!

Got that 103.8 fever going on, it’s not 104! Which means I don’t have to go to the ER, suck it lack of healthcare! You don’t win this time!

Voldemort being known as “Heir of Slytherin” is kind of like having a famous fascist neo nazi unironically going by his High School mascot’s name.

I hope discord strangers appreciate my sense of humor.

What the fuck does this even mean???

Go-Plunk. You play a game of Go, then take all the captured stones, put them in a KerPlunk tube, and play it for bonus points.

What the, the Rich Fancy Lunchable is less than a dollar more than the regular brand? And we have to settle with the regular kind? If we taxed all Billionaires we could be living like Lunchable Royals.

saw this expensive new beef flavored ramen in the grocery store today Show more

Sunday doesn't really count as a day of the weekend cause you can't stay up all night.

The arts: an important part of society and culture, but can be a bit dull.

The Arts™: Hilarious meme way of referring to art, I love it. It inspires me.

Kinda bummed I can't wear a Naruto Ninja Vest without looking kind of fash-y

Oh, NOW the work pokestops start getting approved now that I’ve changed buildings.

“You do you” is, in fact, not a more polite version of “Go fuck yourself”

I figured out how to bypass the word filter in HPWU

Loving the use of corporate mascots as symbols for the Hong Kong Protests. Either China has to ban the corporate mascots, and mess up relations with that company, or let the mascots be and they’re used as symbols of liberation. Also a nice Fuck You to the companies that put profits in China over human rights.

No one is ever allowed to disagree with me on OPR matters ever again.