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The wikia picture for Dark Marik is so cute. He looks like he’s just here to have a good time.

Just had a food allergic reaction that caused my nose to stuff up and go into a sneezing fit. I’ve had that for a lot of things but not after eating something. Weird.

the '1' digit is the most overrated in all the digits in pi.

Finally completed my HPV vaccine regimen. So excited I can no longer die.

This YuGiOh translation did not age well.

I forgot that the last episode of DS9 opens with a naked Bashir. That was a bold choice.

I wonder how I can phrase this so I can resign from my current job and convince my boss to vote Greek food in the catering poll in one email.

It took years to finally understand the context of what Breen military ranks meant memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/T

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If we can’t have guns in schools, how am I supposed to shoot the hole in the correct answer on the scantron?

The painful choices I have to make when I want to power it up further

I haven’t made a lanyard keychain in a while. Why do I stop making these again? Why do I always stop halfway through? Oh right, this is why.

I forgot about the episode of YuGiOh GX where they teach a character to stay true to themselves by ignoring basic hygiene. That explains a lot about the tournaments.

I thought Pokémon was a kids game. What’s the deal here Niantic?

Clean up room? No! Get distracted by 2-3 things for hours and somehow room is worse.

‪Maybe it’s depression making it hard to get up from bed. Maybe it’s the weighted blanket. All I know is that I’m not willing to find out anytime soon. ‬

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For no particular reason, fidget spinner cookie.

Tired: Being upset at aging because you're losing your looks.

Wired: Being upset at aging because you're no longer immortal.

Inspired: Being upset at aging because there aren't as many bodies around that you can possess that are as glam as your current one.