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WizardRobo @senpai@scream.cloud

I’m never making lo mein without cabbage ever again

DDG how to stop feeling anxiety over everything I do ever

Fuck anyone with a Leitmotif

Why does every cartoon character from my childhood have a higher pitched voice than I remember

I helped get a crisis pregnancy center (anti abortion masquerading as pregnancy health clinic) ad removed from google search! Feels good to actually make a difference like that.

Sorry for negging your frmr boss @skyejinx i didn’t mean for him to change his purple twitter avi.

I’ll just ask my friend to call my glasses cause I can’t find them. Wait....

I am 100% gonna keep making TERF jokes on twitter cause I got compliments about them

Conflicted about bragging to everyone that the mayor retweeted me but then letting people in my life know what my twitter handle is.

I grabbed lunch after an interview today and i was so supported by nervousness and adrenaline, that when I stretched and finally relaxed a bit my entire body slumped and I hit my head on the table.

Thanks to the power of ‘more money’, I can now afford more expensive ramen and more expensive hot dogs to make a truly almost mediocre dish

This rudey rudester tossed their cigarette out of their car window in a park today, and when they parked, I picked it up and handed back to them in their car saying "You dropped this." and I've just been riding that adrenaline high all day.

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WhatsApp is next - and it's been coming for a while Show more

keep dead parents dead 2019

Remembering that one time in middle school where the teacher told the class to pair up for a lab, but one group would have 3 cause odd number of kids. There was an even number of kids and I had to do the two person lab alone.

I hope the secret to a good Japanese curry really is using a ton of onions and I’m not just enjoying onion flavored curry like some kind of fool.

If I die in a large catastrophe like a plane crash or something that probably increases my chances of Death letting my one game for life be spin the bottle

Being an Organ Donor for that subtle humanitarian flex when people check your ID

Hey brain, hey body, stop sapping my energy & not letting me cook for weeks after I buy a bunch of perishable groceries I wanted to use.