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WizardRobo @senpai@scream.cloud

I figured out how to bypass the word filter in HPWU

Loving the use of corporate mascots as symbols for the Hong Kong Protests. Either China has to ban the corporate mascots, and mess up relations with that company, or let the mascots be and they’re used as symbols of liberation. Also a nice Fuck You to the companies that put profits in China over human rights.

No one is ever allowed to disagree with me on OPR matters ever again.

I got the first question on the Ingress AMA, and I used it for standing up in what I believe in

I don''t know why or how, but I can still mess myself up and stop myself from being able to touch type if I think to myself "Huh, I can touch type, I wonder what I should try to touch type now"

Pokémon Go Jirachi Spoilers Show more

Out of all the Star Trek political compasses, this is by far the best one

The only anime Worth Watching is episode 40 of Beyblade Metal Masters

When a search how to toggle an option on a website:

What I get: A poorly written description of how to navigate a poorly organized menu with unhelpful visuals from a third party writer.

What I want: The damn togglable option on the damn website.

btw Slack has dark mode now, woohoo!

With this statement, I give notice to the Borg it is strictly forbidden to assimilate, copy, vaporize, or take any other action against me based on this consciousness and/or its contents. The content of this consciousness is private and confidential information. The violation of individuality can be punished by law (UCC 1-308- 1 1 308-103 and the Romulan Statute). NOTE: the Borg is a collective. All future assimilees must post a note like this.

I do NOT give my permission to the Borg (don’t know if this is real but it can’t hurt)

Wolf 359 Deadline tomorrow !!! Everything you’ve ever known becomes assimilated from tomorrow.Starfleet News Service talked about the change in the Borg’s assimilation policy. I do not give the Borg or any entities associated with the Borg permission to use my thoughts, memories, or classified Starfleet knowledge, both past and future.

THERE'S A SEQUEL TO FRANKEN FRAN!!!! Franken Fran Frantic!! Man I'm excited.

Thinking about how at my first day of work, there was just a piercing laying at my desk.

Oh cool, two cops have been standing next to my car for the past half hour or so. Hope someone else with a Kia Soul didn’t kill someone or something.

I'm not sure what Pikachu is wearin, but I want it. I think it's some version of the original Rhyhorn or the default pokemon sprite? I love it.

I made a pokestop where the photo is a SICK SHOT at the hoop

This is just like how Moses used a Beyblade to cross the Red Sea