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WizardRobo @senpai@scream.cloud

My sense of right and wrong solidified at a very young age. Wrong was drinking the stuff under the sink. Right was everything else.

I misread a shirt as "Reality Slut" and now I really want a shirt that says it.

Oh fuck damn it my new job made me like lacroix

The froot loop donuts in the break room will not taste as good as they look, do not eat donuts for lunch, me

I can’t believe I got got by a slow loading pokemon go map

I criticize the “entire alien race wears one article of clothing” trope a lot but I just looked around and everyone around me is wearing blue pants and so am I.

Got a vaccine and had blood drawn, so one should replace the other, evens out.

Holy hell, s3e12 of young justice was........ a thing

Spent the entire day debugging and reprogramming the tool I’m supposed to be using as a temp technician cuz the engineer who programmed it left it untested and buggy. Good news: I’m not behind on work cause the other tool they’re trying to get working is still not there yet.

Why do so many tv shows always have a group of people who are marginalized and discriminated against as the ones to radicalize and become terrorists or bad guys? Fuck the fuck off.

I wanted to make an "assigned rival at birth" pokemon joke but I realized that spells arab.

This is a restaurant I can get behind

OnionMaiden’s restrooms are on fuckin point

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Russia ordering VPN providers to block sites Show more

I can’t believe I can’t just skip into casual conversation that I’ve been retweeted by the mayor and people don’t just think I’m a celebrity.

I read the Fight Club 2 comic out of curiosity and (Spoilers) Show more

Today I was eating out with a colleague and I chose a side of not-potatoes to make a maturity power move.

In 6th grade we had a paper airplane throwing competition indoors, and when I threw mine it curved straight up and got stuck in the ceiling tiles and a teacher said I’m the only kind of person who would land their plane on the ceiling.

No one cares about lvl 1 babies in Pokémon Go, who could have predicted this

Found out a good way to farm lvl 1 babies in pokemon go, gonna become the king of my local area.